We offer a unique blend of strategy, research, and design to help develop smart cities


About EDen strategy institute

Eden Strategy Institute is a strategy consulting firm specializing in Business System Innovation. We approach the global issues of urbanization, disease, poverty, illiteracy, and exploitation by formulating strategies, models, processes, and products that help our clients create, realize, and sustain their economic impact. Eden plans and sets up industry blueprints, facilitates co-creation workshops, forecasts and evaluates the impact of policy interventions. We have supported governments and corporations to successfully bring Smart City innovations to market using qualitative and quantitative research, engineering, business planning, partnerships, and impact assessment. Our Practice Areas include Smart Cities, Education Innovation, Healthcare, Social Enterprise, and the Emerging Middle Class.

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About ONG&ONG (OXD) 

OXD (ONG&ONG Experience Design) is the Experience Design consultancy arm of ONG&ONG, a multi-disciplinary design house focused on creating and building beautiful experiences through a complete 360o design approach. Established by the late Mr. Ong Teng Cheong & Mrs. Ong Siew May in 1972, ONG&ONG began as an architecture firm and has grown to become an award-winning integrated design practice for the built environment. OXD works with clients in the area of innovation to transform their organisations to become more user-centric and customer focused. We believe that the process of design thinking is a powerful tool for transformation and through our partnership with many clients, have leveraged on this to bring about impact in organisations both internally and externally.

Eden helped us gain the know-how to enter the digital health space, and stood out by taking the role of our market development adviser along this engagement – bringing in industry partners to co-develop our solutions, establishing a host to trial our products, and jointly developing new enterprise customers. Eden’s counsel gave us confidence in entering the Smart Health market and we are well on our way to transforming the state of elder care here and across the region and also introducing other IoT initiatives.
— Mr. Danial Mausoof, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs APJ Nokia

What We've Achieved

  • Regional roll-out of eHealth systems across Asia with the governments as well as public and private hospitals
  • Singapore’s first IoT-enabled robotic urban farming system currently on trial with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)
  • Asia’s first IoT-enabled fall risk assessment system, currently on trial at St Luke’s Eldercare in Singapore
  • SE Asia’s first contactless payment wearable device
  • A fall prevention system in Japan
  • A next-generation CT-enabled electronic navigation system for lung cancer diagnosis in China, India, Korea, and Taiwan
  • Energy-efficient conveyor systems across Asia to enhance the manufacturing sector
  • Nationwide Industry Roadmaps for Singapore’s Urban Planning, Legal, Design, Fashion Retail, and Advertising sectors
  • Technology adoption initiatives to develop Singapore’s ICT sector using policies, grants, and Partnerships